Team Challenge

Do you work for a large company, have a network of friends, or are part of a youth or social organization? If so, we challenge you to step up to the plate and meet our team challenge. Bring friends and family together to support our mission, which will increase your impact on our work and the women we serve.

Thanks to the relentless support from our community over the years, we have been able to not only meet, but exceed the goals set forth by the drive. This allows us to extend our reach and impact more women and teens. With your help, we can continue this trend of empowering a large community of women in need.

Teams are needed to conduct their own drives for products needed for to fill the purses. Take a look at what’s inside our purses and decide which product your team would like to collect and we will send you the promotional material needed to launch your personal team’s drive. Donated products must be collected by October 16th to ensure we have everything we need in time for the purse stuffing party.

To register your team, you must commit to fulfilling 800 of one product or provide the financial means to purchase all 800 products.

Ready to get involved?  Then step up to our team challenge and pledge to donate products below.