Purse Stuffing Party

The Purse Stuffing Party is a celebration of community bonding, public involvement and service following the success of our Purse drive. It’s the perfect opportunity for women in the community to enjoy a festive environment while helping us prepare the purses to be donated to our partnering shelters.

The day starts and ends with the infamous assembly line of products that need to be placed into the purses. Volunteers stand their posts as purses rotate around the room until the last product is placed in the purse and ready to send off.

The day is filled with fun and laughter as volunteers enjoy music, light refreshments, and camaraderie while honoring the commitment to providing the total health and beauty package to women in need.

This party is a true celebration and testimony to how much can be accomplished when a group of women come together for a greater cause. Join us on November 14th for our 6th annual Purse Stuffing Party!