General Information

When is the first day of the drive?

The purse drive begins on October 1st.

How long does the drive last?

The purse drive lasts from the October 1st through the 31st.

What types of purses are you accepting?

We are accepting medium to large, gently used and new purses.

Where can I send my donations?

We have several locations where you can send your purse or product donation. Please look on the left hand column of this page for a list of locations.

When is the Purse Stuffing Party?

The Purse Stuffing Party takes place the second Saturday in November at our Clubhouse in Capitol Heights, MD

Who will benefit from the purses collected?

The purses collected from the drive benefits women and teen girls living in poverty and in various stages of sheltered living. Each year we disperse purses to 20-25 area shelters, group homes and foster care agencies throughout the DC, VA and MD regions. To see a full list of the organizations that have benefitted from our Purse Drive click here.

Can I get community service for collecting purses or products for the drive?

No. My Girlfriend’s House is not able to grant community service for collecting purses or products since we are not present to witness the service.

Can I get community service hours for attending the Purse Stuffing Party?

Yes. By volunteering at the Purse Stuffing Party you can receive up to 5 hours of community service.

Information For Corporate Sponsors & Donors

How can I donate money to the Purse Drive?

There are a number of ways to donate money to the purse drive. Payment may be submitted online through our Donate Now page. Checks can be mailed to our clubhouse at 9244 East Hampton Drive, Ste. 621, Capitol Heights, MD 20743. Please make all checks payable to My Girlfriend’s House, Inc

How much does it cost to sponsor one complete purse?

Each purse is filled with 18 personal care items. It costs $30 to sponsor a purse.

What does my monetary donation go towards?

Altogether, we need 14,400 products to fill all 800 purses. Your monetary donation will assist us in making sure we are able to place all 18 products in each purse.

What do I receive for my donation?

There’s no greater joy than knowing that your contribution helped empower a group of women in need. Your donation is what drives our outreach efforts, strengthens our impact, and makes possible the successes we achieve through the drive.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept donation payments by cash, check, and all credit cards.

Information For Teams

How many people can be on one team?

There is no limit to the number of people on your team. You can recruit as many volunteers as you’d like.

What is a team’s core responsibility?

Teams are responsible for conducting their own drives for products needed to fill the purses. If you join a team, your team is responsible for collecting 800 of one product from our Product List to fill each purse.

Is there a fee for starting a team?

There is no fee for starting a team. All you have to do is visit our Team Challenge page to register your team.

Is there a set number of products that each team must collect?

Yes. Each team must collect at least 800 of one product from our Product List.

When do teams need to submit their product donations?

All donations should be received by October 16, 2013. Donations should be sent to 9244 East Hampton Drive, Ste. 621, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Are teams free to host their own fundraisers to collect products and money?

Yes. We encourage team members to reach out to their close friends, family, and networks to assist in this challenge. Teams are able to plan and execute their own fundraising efforts as long as they are in line with the goals of the drive.

Can a team select more than one product to collect?

Yes. Teams are more than welcome to select more than one product to donate. However, please remember that when you commit to a product we are depending on you to provide 800 of that product in order for us to be able to fill each purse or donate the monetary equivalent to allow us to purchase the items on your behalf.

Can volunteers join more than one team?

Yes. Please feel free to join more than one team, the more the merrier!

What if my team does not collect all 800 products?

If your team does not collect all 800 products, then you will be responsible for providing a monetary donation to purchase the remaining quantity of that product in order for us to be able to stuff them into the purses.